• Well, it happened. I let this girl to go to kindergarten…and somehow, someway, neither of us shed a tear. In fact, it’s been kind of hard to be sad because she’s so incredibly happy.  I’m just really proud of her and the way she’s handled this transition with confidence and grace. Once again, I want… [Continue Reading]

    Kindergarten Cutie
  • Several Christmases ago, one of Arden’s gifts was a little pretend Dyson vacuum. I remember joking back then that my toddler got a Dyson before I did!  Well friends, it took a few years, but dreams DO come true! I’m now the proud owner of this beauty. 😉 Want to know my secret? eBay. Yep,… [Continue Reading]

    (Vacuum) Dreams Do Come True
  • As a kid I always loved “back to school” time. It meant school supplies (good ol’ Lisa Frank notebooks and Trapper Keepers. You know! 😜), reuniting with friends, and of course, some new clothes. But now as a mom…okay okay, as a mom I’m still excited about all of the same things! 😉 Arden starts… [Continue Reading]

    Back to School with JCPenney

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